~ Looks Like We Made It ~

(A speech for the last graduating class from Merit College of Court Reporting, 1994)

Weve finally reached the zenith of our inclement education

And for this we all deserve the most lascivious vacation

We the graduating class of November 94

Owe so much to so many for opening this new door

We get support from friends and family who know we do our best

To battle through traffic to get to school, hoping to pass another test

Some days were up and some days were down

Sometimes we smile and too many times we frown

We struggle with the stress, frustration and the pressure

All in the hopes to someday spoil the ones WHOM we most treasure

Its tough to stay in school with husbands, kids, and bills and rent

We never could have made it without the money that was lent, while were indigent

We get crazy, depressed, and frantic

Hoping we dont become too pedantic

It takes guts to stick it out, or should I say persevere

Weve learned patience, hope and confidence with every passing year

Driving through the floods

To take Officials that are duds

Surviving the Malibu fires

To try one more Qualifier

We tolerate the neighborhood, drive-by perverts and prostitution

Are you all familiar with Merit?  Its quite an institution

Who has time to care when our futures are at stake

So we ignore the fact that Merit barely made it through the quake

Sometimes we wonder how much of life has passed us by

While we try and fail and try again until our fingers fly

We cherish the friends weve made and their sympathetic ears

For so few TRULY understand the reasons behind our tears

The risible crew of readers with their hysterical impersonations

Lighten our days by making us laugh, as they make their stipulations

And Sue, that little martinet, on her incessant quest for flawless grammar

If we dont punctuate correctly, shell throw us in the SLAMMER!

And Cheri, that crazy cat, feels our anguish, pain and need

Wholl never sleep at night unless we all succeed

Lets not forget Dorothy, Michael, Yolanda, Martha, Joan, Sharon and Sandy

Whose encouragement and inspiration have SURELY come in handy!

We love you all so dearly, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters

Who nurse our weary hearts and our fingers and their blisters

For being there even when we have a nasty attitude

We owe each and every one of you the sincerest, deepest gratitude

Please bear with our grief as we approach the imminent CSR

And rejoice in our relief when its time to hit the BAR!

We endured arduous academics with quite impressive grades

And now our futures are so bright, We gotta wear shades!

Its all bright skies from here, for we dont give up were dreamers!

And if youre lucky, we just might take you for a spin in our bran new Beemers!